Hey There!


Hey there and welcome to my experience of life, anxiety included. I guess I should start by giving you a little spiel about myself. I am twenty-six and feel like I have gone through enough shitty things to last me a life time. I know that worse things could have happened but who doesn’t like to feel sorry for themselves (at least for a little bit) to validate their feelings…am I right?

I am a gym goer and I love it! It provides my mind with clarity and makes me feel empowered and strong. Plus who can forget about the endorphins! Those guys are amazing. I love being with my friends and talking nonsense and just enjoying our time together. I also love being home alone where nobody can set off my anxiety. I love food, boy do I love food, oh and puppies.

I am rather blunt and honest, I wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt often. I am your classic over thinker, give me any situation and in three seconds flat I can give you fifty different scenarios, most of them resulting in death/loss of a loved one. Morbid, I know!

I read somewhere that having anxiety gives me an advantage over those who do not, as my fight or flight response is heightened and I will survive all that is thrown at me. I like to think that this is true. It helps me to believe that anxiety is natural and that there is nothing wrong with me and that I just have to work through it the best that I can.

I love to learn, I get so much enjoyment out of having a fuller knowledge and just generally understanding better. Something that I would like to understand better and feel that everyone could understand better is anxiety and the importance of having a healthy mind and body. Which is why I have decided to write about my experience of it. Not only do I feel that it will help those who suffer from it feel that they are not alone and encourage them to be open about it, I feel that it will also help those who know nothing about it understand a little bit more about it.

Stick around for more to come. I hope you get something out of my ramblings. 

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