My Review of Float Therapy – Astral Float Studio


My naturopath has suggested I take more time for me and do more things that relax me. So I decided to give float therapy a go over at Astral Float Studio in Bruce. I have heard that it is really good for anxiety. I am willing to give anything that will help with anxiety a red hot go. I heard about all about Astral Float from my friends at Prodigy Nutrition and Performance. Thanks guys.


 I was late to the appointment and was fuming. George was running late from doing something else earlier in the afternoon. He text me at 4:25 asking when we should leave. He was fucking joking right? I had told him earlier that day what time the appointment was and when we had to be there…twice. I don’t like being late to appointments it sets my anxiety off and then all the other anxiety tangents start to flow and then I get more angry anxious and upset. I was pissed but I knew there was nothing that I could do about it. I was battling with my head to try and calm it down. I rode out the anxiety and came close to crying and really losing it, but somehow I didn’t. I know, I’m surprised too.


I felt like I was really short with the beautiful Sarah when she called to see where I was. I’m sorry Sarah I wasn’t cranky at you I was cranky at myself for being cranky for being late when there was nothing I could do about it. My anxiety really gets going when I feel like I have lost control/ have no control. I’m working on it.


We filled out our forms and were shown the ins and outs of the float tanks and talked through the befores and afters of using the tanks. The rooms were quiet warm. I had a cold shower as suggested and put my earplugs in, grabbed the pool noodle for my neck and stepped in, lay back and shut the lid and turned the light off. I tried to slow my breath by breathing nice and deeply to bring some calmness to my body. I found that the bottom half of my body was instantly weightless and relaxed. My head and neck were rather tense and after I while I removed the pool noodle and let my head and neck relax fully by floating themselves. I was instantly more relaxed. My body felt weightless, calm, comfortable and about 90% relaxed. My brain on the other hand…oh boy.. that guy would not turn off. I was counting from 1-4 over and over (not sure why 4? It’s not even my favourite number). I was playing out scenarios. I was thinking about the pros and cons of a decision that I needed to make and getting myself into a little bit of a fluster about it. I was getting annoyed that I couldn’t turn my brain off. I was annoyed that I wasn’t breathing deep enough to promote relaxation. I was annoyed that my right earplug was not completely in (don’t worry I fixed it and jammed that guy right in there). I was wondering how George was liking the float and what he was thinking about.


Somewhere in all of this thinking and annoyance I drifted off into a light sleep, like that sleep that you have when you nap in the middle of the day and all the weird dreams happen. I woke suddenly as you do when you are in a light napsleep (this is a word now) and a small time later the music came back on to let me know it was time to get out. I slowly sat up opened the lid got out and showered (there are showers in the room with the float tank, so its nice and private the whole way through). The showers!! Oh my they are amazing so much space. HUGE shower head from the roof (so cool), beautiful body wash, shampoo and conditioner. They smelled amazing. I will definitely be going out to buy me all of the Sukin skincare products. They feel so nice on my skin. Slightly off topic, derp, sorry about that.


I really liked the feeling of being weightless and just letting go of all the tension in my body. I loved feeling relaxed and calm when we left and I’m still relaxed and calm now (2 hours later), I am hoping that this feeling will come with me into next week (at least for a little bit). I will definitely be going back for more floats. I think that in time I will be able to switch off better and the more relaxed I will be. Thank you Astral Float Studio for bringing float therapy to our little city.


We all need time to switch off and just relax, especially those who suffer from anxiety. I strongly recommend giving float therapy a go.



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