How I reduce my Anxiety

I do a lot of talking about my feelings and what anxiety looks like to me. I thought I would share some of the things that I do when I get anxious to reduce my anxiety levels. I have different strategies for different levels. I usually just wing it and do what feels right in…

Current Feels

I’ve been feeling my anxiety hanging around lately. I’m finding it a little hard to breathe some nights. My throat feels swollen, my air restricted. I have been restless. I’m finding it hard to get to sleep. I’ve got a lot going on in my mind but not a lot happening in my outside world….

Hey there old mate Anxiety.

The last few days (maybe a week now) I have been feeling anxious. I have felt old mate anxiety sitting in my throat, threatening to make a full blown appearance. Look mate, you are either going to do it or your not. Make up your mind. This neither here nor there shit aint helpful, it’s…

This is what i know: Part 2

I’m posting this a lot later than I intended because life got in the way. You know how it does that sometimes. This is what I know (part two): It’s okay to feel shit. It’s okay to have feelings. They are important. They help us function. They help keep us safe. They help us understand….